Brief information and health benefits of orange

Brief information and health benefits of orange

Orange belongs to the largest family of fruits called citrus fruits. These fruits are sour and bitter and are native to China. In the scientific world this fruit refers to Citrus × Sinensis, which means the fruit Sinensis of family citrus.

Orange tree requires most warm climate for producing mature fruits and they can be consumed as juice or fresh fruit.

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Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals

Orange has a good deal of vitamin C. However, Some members of vitamin B family, including B1 and B9, also present in this fruit. From the side of mineral, orange is the main source of potassium.


Carotenoids, aslo refer as colourful antioxidants, are present in orange in two ways



Citric acid ( C6H8O7)

The presence of this acid is the main reason why orange is called citrus fruit. All fruits, including orange of the citrus family, have a sour taste because of the presence of this unique acid. This acid has several benefits for humans.

Health benefits

Fight against common viruses

Fight against common virusesThe vitamin C in orange aids to improve the immunity of the person to fight against common viruses and infection caused by flu, nevertheless, there are many myths related to its sore taste.

Potassium benefits

Potassium benefits

Potassium act opposite to sodium, unless they are from the same periodic group. Excessive intake of sodium regulates high blood pressure, whereas, potassium relaxes the arteries and allows smooth flow of blood.

Kideny stone prevention

The presence of citric acid and citrates in orange prevent the formation of kidney stone and also aids in dissolving stone

potassium citrates are generally preferred to the patient with kidney stone

Zeaxanthin and Choline

Zeaxanthin is an important antioxidant in orange that can positively benefit the heart, eye, skin, liver.

Choline is a nutrient that helps in the transmission of nerve impulses, hence improve the nervous system.

Cancer prevention

The anti- carcinogens present in orange aids in the prevention of duplication of cancer cells and depress the cancer..

Cancer prevention


Orange is a main dietary fruits that must be intake by the person to remain healthy and this fruit has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer property along with nutrient that helps the organs work properly.


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