Top 5 daily essential fruit for body

Top 5 daily essential fruit for body

Fruits are essential daily need of body which provide various micro and macronutrient to our body, also, rich content of fruits in vitamins help our body to improve daily routine activity and movement of our body.

Fruits including Apple, Banana, Pomegranate and many more of this category are rich in a bundle of minerals,such as iron, which helps the body to regenerate blood cells and other organ's tissues.

This article mentions 10 essential fruits, including dry fruits, that must be taken by one to keep his/her body function properly.


AppleApple is the most familiar fruit to the native of this globe. Whether we talk about gravity, smartphone or health, apple remains at the top. The scientific name of the apple tree is Malus Domestica, evolved from his wild ancestor of central Asia (Malus sieversii). This fruit lists many research-based benefits which includes:

  • Apple is rich in iron, which is the main component of blood-based cell-Hameoglobin, helps to regulate the production of RBCs. 
  • It also acts as a cholesterol-lowering agent.the soluble fiber present in apple helps to control cholesterol level, hence beneficial for heart.
  • Doctors recommend apple to type 2 diabetes patients because Polyphenols present in apple prevents the damage of beta cells, insulin-producing cells, in the pancreas.
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory of apple fight against chronic diseases, such as asthma and cancer, and promote an immune response against them.
  • The presence of unique fiber, called pectin, helps to improve the condition of gut bacteria for digestion.



Fiber, vitamins, minerals and bioactive component containing this fruits is a massive gift to humanity from nature. The scientific name of this fruit is Punica granatum, habitat from Iran to east India and also occupy the Mediterranean region. Benefits of this gift is listed below

  • Most of our health benefits of Pomegranate comes from tow very unique substances called punicalagin and punicic acid, regarded as a very strong antioxidant agent.
  • Men! take a long breath, because pomegranate has a very powerful weapon to fight with prostate cancer. Daily consumption of juice of this fruit reduces the chance of death by prostate cancer.
  • Daily intake of pomegranate juice (150-200 ml) regular up to 4 weeks will result in lower blood pressure.
  • The anti-inflammatory property of pomegranate reduces the risks of joint pains.



This eye-shaped nuts are filled with numerous amount of micro and macro nutrition along with minerals. Prunus dulcis, Almond, is the native tree of Iran but at the present USA is a big producer.

Below are some evidence-based benefits of almond

  • Almonds are fully loaded with monounsaturated fat, which works opposite bad cholesterol.
  • Type 2 diabetes is directly linked to low magnesium levels. As a high proportion of magnesium is present in almond, hence reduce this risk.
  • Protein, vitamin E, good fats and magnesium enrich this nut contains a very small amount of carbs that links this fruit to control overweight.
  • Some amount of calcium, Vitamin K and copper helps to improve bone health.
  • Intake of 5-10 overnight soaked almond will improve eyesight.


Kiwis are small fruits packed with lots of health benefits and compose of various vitamins along with fibers. The specific name of kiwi in the biological world is Actinidia deliciosa, however, it is also regarded as Chinese gooseberry.


  • Kiwi contains a Proteolytic enzyme, called actinidin, which helps in the breakdown of protein while digestion.
  • It is enriched in vitamin C that boosts the immune system and immune response toward diseases.
  • Zeaxanthin and lutein are two components of kiwi which thought to be beneficial for eye health.
  • High levels of vitamin C and antioxidants help people to get relief with respiratory problems, such as Asthma
  • One kiwi a day, blood clotting away


Walnuts are brain structured nuts packed with a variety of healthy fats and vitamins. It comes in the variety of Persian and English, commonly refer as Juglans regia. As regards its shape it's very beneficial for the brain. 


  • Many pieces of research suggest that walnuts are more powerful antioxidant than all other nuts
  • Walnuts are mines of omega 3 fatty acids which reduce risk of heart diseases
  • Including walnuts in your diet will help to manage high blood pressure
  • Brain inflammation can be reduced by the nutrient present in walnuts
  • It also improve male reproductive health by increasing fertility
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