Be Aware About Guava And Its Benefits


Guava is a commonly used fruit in our homes, but many people are unaware of its benefits. Are u from those! please check the full article for its benefits.

Guavas are tropical trees generally habituated to Mexico and Central America.

The guava tree is one of those trees, whose every part is used by humans for their benefits. As its fruits are rich in fiber and leaves are used as herbal tea and leaf extract as dietary supplements.

Guava often shows light green and yellow color at its maturity state.

Be Aware About Guava And Its Benefits

Below are 6 evidence-based benefits of Guava fruit and leaves

1. Improve digestive system

Being a fibrous fruit, Guava is very good at preventing indigestion and promote bowel movement.

Therefore, eating more and more guava will improve your digestive system.

Turning toward leaves, according to some evidence, they are good at anti-microbial properties and neutralize harmful microbial in the gut and prevent diarrhea.

In short, Intake of guava will improve the digestive system and inhibit harmful microbial in the gut.

2. Anticancer Effect

Guava and its leaf have great antioxidants, which work against free radicals.

Free radical is free ion which oxidizes body cells and promotes oxidative stress

This growth of cancer cells is also caused by free radicals. The antioxidant present in Guava inhibit the growth of free radical, hence aids preventing cancer.

Guava leaf oil, according to one study, helps to cure cancer more effectively than cancer drugs.

In short, a Cancer patient will get more benefit from guava and its leaf oil because of its antioxidant properties.

Be Aware About Guava And Its Benefits

3. May protect skin

Guava inhibits the regulation of the aging process by protecting your skin against damage. This credit goes to its vitamins and antioxidant content.

Applying extract of Guava leaf on acne is a natural treatment for acne. This was proven in one test-tube based experiment.

In short, vitamins and antioxidants present in guava aids improving skin health.

4. May reduce blood sugar level

Here is a piece of good news for people suffering from diabetes.

The animal-based experiment reveals that Guava leaf extract will improve blood sugar levels and also control the blood sugar level for the long-term.

One study suggests that drinking guava leaf tea after a meal will reduce blood sugar by 10%.

In short, Guava leaf tea is very effective in preventing type 2 diabetes.

5. Promote weight loss

High level of fiber along with a low concentration of calories, guava helps losing weight easily.

Hence, guavas are also regarded as weight-loss-friendly food.

In short, Guava is rich in fibre and low in clories and aids weight loss.

6. Immunity booster

Guava is twice richer in vitamin C as compared to an orange.

Vitamin C is strongly linked to immunity. High intake of vitamin C promotes immunity and protect the body against various infections and inflammation.

In short, vitamin c present in Guava improves the immune system of the body.

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